Optimize your delivery process making it faster, scalable, more reliable and secure.

Together we bring 50+ successfully delivered projects while maintaining the continuous focus on the evolution of the DevOps culture. We keep a keen eye on continuous improvement expanding our knowledge and skills of cutting-edge technologies. This helps us shape our vision of the future and anticipate the implementation and value of new tools and services.

Help your business grow by ensuring its DevOps transformation

Why Choose Us?


Our experience and knowledge in automation can take scalability to the next level including auto-scaling, self-remediation and much more


We build self-sustainable and reliable solutions keeping in mind high availability. Data is our source of guidance


We follow the Keep It Short and Simple principle in everything we do from documentation to deployments


We embrace the DevSecOps mindset and keep security at the heart of everything


We ensure transparency every step of the way so that expectations, actions and goals are clear from beginning to end


We preach cloud agnosticism, and we apply this principle in everything we develop

Testimonials & reviews from our amazing clients

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CEO at Pragmatic
Milen Strahinski

CEO at Pragmatic

Excellent work!

By partnering with IT Squid, we were able to take advantage of IT Squid’s knowledge and expertise to deliver DevOps classes. This resulted in boosting our client’s satisfaction and increasing our business growth.

CTO at SMSBump
Julian Dimitrov

CTO at SMSBump

Specialists and hard-working!

The IT Squid team is hard-working, professional, and very flexible. They deliver a premium level of service, and we are happy that our team leveraged their DevOps knowledge and skills. They are able to work independently, and definitely meet the client's expectations after giving the proper requirements.

Founder at Hyped Apps
Iliyan Yotov

Founder at Hyped Apps

Keep up the good work!

IT Squid has kept us very happy by delivering good quality work, and a lot of times going that extra mile. I would characterise their whole team as being competent, friendly, flexible and passionate about their work.

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