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Why DevOps as a Service (DaaS)

Nik Vaklinov
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It has been more than 14 years since the DevOps concept was first introduced to the tech community. However, it is only recently that DevOps boomed and quickly became a vital component in the overall approach to software development.

This article will explain what DevOps as a Service (DaaS) is and what problems it solves.

Before jumping into what exactly DaaS is, let us first explain what DevOps is.

DevOps is a philosophy that aims to increase the time to market of innovative ideas. When applying the DevOps philosophy, we speed up the delivery of value to the end user because it combines development and operations through certain practices. It is crucial for the organization’s mindset to adapt to these practices. This is the key to successfully implementing the DevOps philosophy.

The DevOps practices can be summarised as:

  • Communication and Collaboration should be effective and efficient between teams.

  • Continuous Integration should ensure the testing of every new piece of code with the rest of the application, in a continuous manner.

  • Continuous Delivery should remove silos and constraints and streamline the decision-making process of deployments to the live environment (starting multiple times a day to once a week, for example).

  • Microservices ensures the breaking down of monolith applications into multiple independent services.

  • Infrastructure as Code introduces a new way of defining your infrastructure as a code. This code can be versioned, recycled and re-used; it also offers constant information on the state of what has been created.

  • Observability ensures immediate feedback about your infrastructure and application services through monitoring and event logging.

In recent years, we have witnessed a new engineer emerging on the horizon, the DevOps Engineer. This is someone who understands the DevOps mindset and the toolset (Cloud Services, containers, pipelines, scripts and much more). They design, implement and coach the organisation on adopting the DevOps mindset and practices across teams. They are a DevOps knowledge keeper and enabler.

Everything sounds great in theory, but what problems can you expect?

The understanding of DevOps varies from company to company. Some companies understand DevOps as a person who manually downloads and installs packages on the production server. Other companies could define DevOps as part of the technical support process. However, the role of a DevOps engineer is different than that of a System Administrator or Technical Support. The key role of a DevOps is to automate and implement processes to speed up the development of the code to the end users.

Proper implementation of DevOps requires a DevOps strategy, regardless of the team structure or size. On top of a solid DevOps strategy, you will need to align components of the infrastructure and services to the specific DevOps best practices. For example, instead of creating environments in a single AWS account, one can use the landing zone approach with multiple AWS account per environment or per service.

DevOps requires specific and extensive technical knowledge and a broad understanding of many technologies and approaches. This makes it difficult to find talented and experienced DevOps Engineers who understand the DevOps mindset and have the necessary background to transform the organization into full DevOps. A lot of companies are having a tough time finding such individuals.

It is worth mentioning that keeping DevOps talent requires a great deal of soft and management skills so that your newly created DevOps team can work together without internal conflicts.

DevOps as a Service steps in to offer the solutions you need.

DaaS offers DevOps talent as a service. Instead of struggling to recruit and nurture your own DevOps people, you can just get experienced DevOps Engineers as a service, immediately. DaaS Engineers have a unique experience in terms of technologies and approaches based on the lines of delivered projects.

DaaS is ideal for start-up companies, as well as larger companies and enterprises. DaaS can help you set up everything from scratch for the first time, the right way. DaaS can also fill in any knowledge gaps in your already well-established company, whether you seek guidance or just need an extra hand for your short term or long-term projects.

At IT Squid, we offer DaaS to our clients. Our DaaS team is composed of talented and experienced DevOps engineers who can help your team and business grow and achieve new heights based on the DevOps mindset and the experience in delivering many projects with a variety of different technology stacks. We have seen multiple solutions to the same problem, from different angles, and this makes us unique.

But how does DaaS work?

  1. Our DevOps team will assess your needs and technical maturity of your tech stack
  2. We will then compose a team that best matches your organisation to dedicate to your project
  3. After the initial evaluation, our DevOps team will design and propose DevOps and Cloud strategies specifically created for your team or organization
  4. Upon approval of the strategy, we will then break it down into a roadmap
  5. Once the roadmap is ready, we can start estimating and implementing the roadmap for you

The best part of all is that upon completion of the project, we can still support what we have built 24/7 at a fraction of the cost.

The entire process follows the DevOps mindset which makes it completely transparent with clear goals from the beginning.

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