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Our DevOps and Cloud engineers can help you accelerate your ideas with cloud-based solutions based on cutting-edge technology practices.
Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy

IT Squid's unique architectural knowledge can help you create a secure and sustainable Cloud strategy.

We evaluate, design, propose and implement the best Cloud architecture and DevOps strategies for your needs all by having in mind cutting edge technologies and approaches.

One of our specialties is designing and implementing event-driven complex serverless micro-service architectures.

Use our knowledge and expertise to get solutions straight away! IT Squid sees solutions from multiple angles based on the experience we have in delivering projects with different tech stacks.

DevOps As A Service

Our professionally certified DevOps and Cloud engineers can help you achieve DevOps operational excellence and seamlessly integrate with your team.

Why hire when you can get senior engineers immediately with no upfront commitments.

One of the greatest benefits of DevOps as a service is the ability to scale the man hours based on your needs.

Site Reliability Engineering is part of our mindset, and we get you covered with 24/7 support of the infrastructure we build.

Visit our article to learn more about DevOps As A Service.

DevOps As A Service
Cloud Native Software Development

Cloud Native Software Development

Cloud Native applications enable faster time to market, accelerating engineering productivity at scale and simplified operations by adopting modern approaches like containerization, continuous delivery, and deployment automation.

Cloud services are our bread and butter. Our Cloud application developers are fanatical about getting your ideas integrated into the cloud.

IT Squid’s approach in solving cloud native challenges is efficient and sustainable thanks to our DevOps mindset.

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